and now starting day 4

for those of you who know that deb and i are “24” fans should take note that i’m not talking about the show. and, no, we haven’t finished watching season 5, so don’t talk to us about season 6.

instead i’m talking about how many day julia’s been in the hospital. i was able to talk to her ‘family doctor’ finally yesterday (she was on vacation or at a conference or something this past weekend.) she said that the length of time it takes to recover from RSV varies from kid to kid but i tried to extract a time frame from her so that deb and i could plan the rest of our week. she said to expect julia to be here “till the end of the week” like on friday, “could be longer or a ‘bonus’ if it’s shorter”.

so i guess i’m camping out here for a while. she actually slept really well last night. she only woke up around 1:00 when they came to give her abuterol treatment. we also had to change her diaper and bedding at that time. after the nurses were all done i hopped into bed with her under the tent and we slept. i actually woke up several times, not because she was fussy, but mostly because hospital beds aren’t that comfortable. (esp. with two people in them, one of which has wires running everywhere) i woke up around 6.30am when her IV unit was beeping for some reason and it took the nurses a while to come in.

breakfast came around 7.00, right after changing julia’s bedding (again). she didn’t want any of her french toast. but she did want a few bites of eggs and the beef sausage i cooked in the microwave. it was after breakfast that the nurse and i discovered that one of her ‘sensors’ had come off. it had come off earlier and i had stuck it back on, but it came off again. but this time we noticed that there was like a burn on her skin. i kinda noticed that there was a spot before in the early morning, but it was dark. the gel under the sensor had come off and then she slept on the sensor, it caused the burn. the other owee was from a sensor that was on the whole time and the gel was still on correctly, but she got a blister anyways. the nurse decided to take all the sensors off and leave them off. she said she didn’t care how much she got yelled at she wasn’t going to put them back on if they were hurting julia.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. a shower
2. time with julia
3. having a ‘hot dog’ for her to eat
4. knowing God is in control
5. sick leave

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  1. today i’m thankful for:
    1. a happy, helpful, handsome husband
    2. cell phones
    3. video chats
    4.healthy children
    5. a God who cares about us

  2. This sounds SO much like what we went through with Josiah last February. He spent days in the oxygen tent while they pumped steroids into him so he could breathe. Even after we knew he was ok… they would not let him leave. That’s why when Elijah got RSV in December we told the doctor we would care for him at home (we have abuteral and all that stuff here)- and bring him in if he needed oxygen. It was so much better than juggling the other kids between Tim and I while spending time with Josiah at the hospital. (we didn’t have help from grandma’s… or anyone)

    So… all this to say… our thoughts are with you… we know it’s a tough place to be.

    Besides the owies inflicted by the hospital staff Julia is looking really good.

    the J’s

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