still in ICU

these first three pics were from yesterday, the last three from today.

they changed her bedding after a ‘blowout’ during her nose suction. it didn’t help that they had her in size 3 diapers instead of 4. she was glad to get out of the bed for a while.

after the bed changing they brought her lunch and she was able to sit up in bed without ‘the tent’. she really perked up.

she was so happy she was naming everything as ‘hers’. “my cuppy, my table, my b’nana, my crackers, my bed!”

grandma washed her hair last night. and she was glad to get a treat of some arby’s curly fries.

a nice pic with mom.

yesterday julia learned what the buttons on the side of the bed do. she’s been haveing fun every once in a while giving herself and curious george rides. “up, down, up, down, up, down.”

i didn’t get here till about 3 and all indications are that they’ll keep her here in ICU at least another day. she is improving though. here blood oxygen level is up to 95% consistantly so they’ve decreased the amount of pure oxygen they’re giving her. thanks for your prayers. we’ll keep you updated when things change. or catch me online

// today i’m thankful for:
1. the small joys
2. Photo Booth
3. our blog friends
4. getting to eat SO much on this diet (almost everynight i’m having to eat MORE calories.)
5. that feeling you get “after” exercising. 🙂

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  1. So glad to hear she’s better. It was one of the first things I asked Maggie about this morning because I’d been thinking about you guys. You’re still in our prayers.

  2. good morning abe! you weren’t online yet so i thought i’d let you know i love you, here. thank you for taking such good care of our baby.

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