is sunny mexico in your future??

yes, that’s right, grandview assembly of God is looking for at least TEN people wanting to minister to the people of Mexico. this is a church-wide missions trip, not just for youth. so bring your parents with you!

you would be traveling to Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX from July 10-20th. the cost would be determined by how many people actually sign up for the trip. the more people that sign up the cost decreases, but it would be about $1100-$1400. the ministry that we are a part of would also depend on who goes. anything from medical clinics, construction crews, evangelism, leadership training, serving, children’s ministry. it all depends on the talents, experience, abilities of those who sign up to go.

oh, and did i forget to mention . . . you’ll be going to the same place where Jessika Babcock is!!

so here’s what we need. we need at least 10 people committed to the trip with a minimum $150 deposit by Feb. 4th in order to proceed with the trip. talk to me if you have any more questions or you can email me.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. days off
2. ichat
3. cell phones
4. furnace filters
5. good candles

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