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  1. God bless you guys with all your changes. I hope the homeschooling goes great. Lots of changes happening! Don’t get too overwhelmed. I’m hoping to make changes in my life this year, too, with new and different things.

  2. abe, i was waiting in anticipation for the moment where you pull her chair back and make deb scream for all bloggers to see!

  3. I’m disapointed too. you have us waiting for you to scare deb or something hilarious. I mean the crawl behind was funny but nope we got nothing. it was saddening.

  4. just for the record . . . i never meant to sneak up and scare deb.

    as you can tell we rearranged our house again. so that the computer is now in the ‘orange’ room. anyway this was deb’s first video recording from here and i noticed that there wasn’t any lighting coming from the front just the window light from her side. so i new that the video would be a little dark and would be better if there were a lamp in front by the computer.

    so i went and got a lamp. and was planning on plugging it in discreetly. i also thought the ‘back’ of the office chair covered the whole doorway but the top. thus i crawled in; trying to be unnoticed. but then there wasn’t room for me to squeeze under and plug in the lamp and put it on the desk. so i just sat back there on the floor until she was done.

    so now you have the full story. and just so you know . . . i may have been sneaky and tried to scare someone else. but i resolved back before we were married that i wouldn’t play ‘practical jokes’ on my wife. she was not going to but the brunt of my jokes. we’d team up together and “get” other people. đŸ˜€

  5. So, Deb, I hear you’re taking on even more new stuff this year.

    Congrats on getting a part in the musical. That’s so great.

    I had a friend tell me recently that once you do one of those you can’t stop.

    Can’t wait to see you in it. Have fun.

  6. Hi Deb! Thanks so much for sending me your link. Your hair looks amazing! When did you get it cut? I chopped mine off this summer. I’ll keep in touch.

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