two quick notes

first off, the discussion on this post: oh the sounds of family, is great. plus the fact that i wrote a lot in response to some of them and i don’t want to type it all again here; just read the posts, read the comments, and leave your own.

secondly, i think the end is drawing near for us, mag. blogger doesn’t say “beta” anymore. i don’t think it will be long now until they say ‘YOU MUST CHANGE, NOW! ! !’

anyways, i’m sure it will be like DEATH. we’re so afraid of it now, but we’ll like it when we’re on the other side. 🙂

// today i’m thankful for:
1. a wife who can spell
2. a wife who tells me when i spell something wrong
3. a wife who knows what makes me happy
4. a wife who does what makes me happy
5. a wife

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  1. yeah i noticed the beta part is crossed out. well thanks for hanging in there with me until the end. from working Cathy’s blog its not so different. i’m going to wait until the force switch. -just to be rebellious.

  2. Hi,
    I’m posting something on your’s and Maggie’s blog hoping to hear something about Elia soon. I don’t want to call and bother anyone again, but I’d love to hear some good news that she’s home and everyone is having a great time.
    Enjoy your days!

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