new book and denver

i finally got my “Off-Road Disciplines” book yesterday and have been hearing good things from people that have read it. i look forward to reading and then as promised posting a review.

in other news, my youngest sister has been stuck in the Denver airport since wednesday. 🙁 and now the earliest to leave they’re telling her is maybe friday @ noon. i even offered to go pick her up, but she said that all roads have been closed in and out of denver. and i read an article that even mail service has been suspended today. not a fun time to be stuck in the airport during christmas time. (oh, and she packed her cell phone charger so she’s been calling my mom collect so as not to run out of battery)

in other, other news . . . i’ve started my christmas vacation. one of the niceties of working at a school, getting days off during the holidays & summer. so it’s nice to kinda just ‘chill’ at home so to speak.

oh and we’ve begun a two week trial of netflix so as to get season 4 & 5 of “24” watched during this vacation and before season 6 starts in jan.

well that’s about all for now. have a Merry “Christ-filled” Christmas!

// today i’m thankful for:
1. days off
2. netflix
3. 2 month old chubby babies
4. bed & breakfast
5. altoids

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