question of the week – Christmas

Christmas is coming, so i thought i’d ask:

// what is your favorite Christmas tradition? and why? //

i’d have to say that for me it was the drive to and from california almost every year. it was just fun to be with family all that time. and it was great to see our extended family too that we hadn’t seen in a year. but mostly driving with my family and stopping at our “favorite” spots along the way . . . Biggs, Molly’s, our ‘big brother David’s house’, driving through the “grape vine”, the Dinosaur. it was great.

i’m not sure exactly where we’d go, but i think i’d like to start a “road trip” tradition with my family now. maybe not in the middle of winter though. and obviously when we’re out of debt and can afford to have fun along the way. who knows maybe we’d go to minnesota to visit my sister and some great friends of ours that live there?

so what’s your tradition?

p.s. just in case anybody’s wondering what to get me for my birthday (this sunday) or for Christmas . . . i’ve been fascinated by the Wii. just round up 30 of my favorite friends (or strangers, basically anyone) who would be willing to pitch in $10 each and then head to ebay and snatch one right up! 🙂

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  1. Well my favorite Christmas tradition would have to be…… well there are a few, i will start from off the top of my head:

    1) Hannah and I watch this movie, Nester the Christmas Donkey, while talking on the phone every year.

    2)starting Thanksgiving we draw names with all of my family (about 30-40 of just cousins and aunst and uncles), and then on Christmas Eve we all go to my Grandma’s house to eat and exchange gifts.

    3)just spending Christmas day in my pajamas all day and watching movies with my family.

  2. Did we hear “road trip” ????

    Anytime friends… the cards are on the table waiting.

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