just got off the phone with pastor mike

read this first and then read this post:

i just got off the phone with pastor mike. and yes, i did cry.

i was relaying the story that i wrote to my pastor and i suddenly realized, “hey, why don’t i offer the shoulder to lean on? why don’t i talk to him and show my appreciation?” so i decided to call him.

i read him my post. (actually i cried through the post, so it took a while) and then we shared some touching words of his faithfulness and dedication to the work of God that he had labored in. and he described how i had been an inspiration to him, just seeing me grow up and to see that i was still following after God regardless of the many pastor switches, and church difficulties.

if you’d like to drop pastor mike an email to show your appreciation (whether you know him or not) you can email him here.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. longevity
2. christmas time
3. soul cleansing crying
4. usb flash drives
5. delicious chocolate chip cookies with nuts! đŸ˜‰

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