videos as sermon illustrations

i saw this “conspiricy theory” from earl creps (you’ve gotta watch the video before reading my comments below or it won’t make any sense:

i don’t really think movie studios/producers/directors etc. have really thought “that much” about the christian/evangelical community.

i would be naive to think that they don’t think at all about ‘us’. as of recent there have been lots of movies that are good wholesome movies that don’t venture into situations that might offend the religious community.

i think of films like “National Treasure”, a great action film that doesn’t delve into “superficial expletives or sex scenes just to get the coveted PG-13 rating to draw a crowd,” as a commenter on the movie’s IMDB site states.

also most will farrell movies fall into the “jr high bathroom humor” category, but recently he’s done some great “family” type films; Elf, Kicking and Screaming, Curious George.

even the film you refrenced “Nacho Libre” was refreshing. i was initially somewhat reserved about seeing the film because of Jack Black’s other films/music not always being the most wholesome.

i think studios are seeing big profits from tailoring films for “families/religious communities”; not only at the box office, but also in the coveted DVD sales. thus the creation of more films such as “the passion of the Christ”, “One night with the King”, and “the nativity story.”

are they glad when their film is featured in a sermon? sure i guess, i don’t know how they’d keep track. are they tailoring scenes of their film for such a reason? i don’t think so, not yet at least.

it’s more of an after thought. kinda like this:

Food Services server: “hey, my cousin’s girlfriend (who goes to church) was visiting the set yesterday to help us out, and thought that scene we did would be really great for her pastor’s sermon series.”

Assistant to the Director’s Assistant: “that’s cool, i’ll mention it to my boss. did you have any more of those really good pickles cut in spears that you had yesterday?”


what do you think??

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  1. i don’t think they plan it – i don’t know if they’d even like it. i know that there have been several books written that bring together movies and a great spiritual discussion. i think its more us wanting to use relevant methods to reach people. ways that will connect with them. finding out their interest and finding a way to “tweak” that to our message.

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