so where’s my book??

some of you remember me mentioning a free book giveaway for earl creps’s new book “off road discipleship”. so i’ve been patiently waiting for my book, but not really giving it much thought, since i had no idea how soon the publisher would be sending out the books.

but all that changed sunday night when i was at my pastor’s house, noticed his copy of the book on his couch, and then he asked me how i was enjoying the book. the only problem is – i don’t have my copy of the book yet. then to top it off he said that his daughter had also gotten her copy of the book already. normally i’d just chalk it up to the mail system delaying some copies of the book (even though we only live 3 blocks away), but what really gets me is that my pastor didn’t sign up for the book giveaway for almost 4-5 days after i did! so that would assume that i should get my book 4-5 days ahead of them if not exactly the same time (if the publisher waited to send any books until they got all the orders in).

anyways, monday has come and gone and still no book, so i will wait patiently some more (for all i know it’s the name of a chapter in the book “be patient with stuff you can’t control”).

all this to say, from what i hear (from others) it’s a great book, you should get a copy. seriously, you should, i’m not being cynical or sarcastic.

oh and . . . let me borrow it when you’re done. đŸ˜‰

// today i’m thankful for:
1. cars the run when the gas is on “E”
2. unexpected blessings
3. my fabulous wife
4. pacifiers
5. change on the horizon

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