need a hug??

last night at “sunday nights” we learned of a strange practice going on in l.a. and new york – cuddle parties! now if you need a hug, let me say right now this is not the way to do it. if you do need a hug ask your ‘reallife friends’. we’ll share the love of Christ without compromising your morals.

i can’t post the video that i showed on sunday night directly on the blog (mostly because i couldn’t find it on youtube or googlevideo, and although i have the video downloaded on my computer; i didn’t want to be the one to violate the copyright and post it to youtube. i.e. . . . i don’t want to risk being sued!)

but you can go to’s website and view it here: Want a Hug? Try a Cuddle Party!

we also saw this cute horse:
Smallest Horse: How Tiny Is the Sleigh?

and this muscle man (teen):
World Record-Breaker: 2,446 pull-ups


anyways . . . in other happenings . . . we were treated to great discussion and pop with lemon/limes by holly this week. i’m thankful to holly for leading the discussion, i think she did a fabulous job and look forward to her being involved with the youth more in the future.

p.s. don’t foget to do your “good works that you were created to do” for the week. (we’re going out to a friends house for dinner tonght, so i’ll have to do the dishes tomorrow. đŸ˜‰

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