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i’ve just discovered that the perfect time to take a baby’s picture is when they are about to pass gas.. it almost looks like they are smiling.

anyway… i’ve wanted to post something for awhile, but didn’t really feel that i had anything to say. (i mean, you could read about us having no heat or my wisdom teeth coming out on abe’s blog.) however, i’ve decided that i can use my blog to relay funny things that my kids say.

the other day, anna came up to me and said, “we drink responsibly, right mom?”
“what does that mean,” i asked.
“that we don’t drink alcohol,” she replied.
“yeah,” i said. ” who have you been discussing this with.”
“no one,” she said. “i just heard it on t.v.”

i’m always amazed at the things she picks up and the interpretations that she makes.

i also had to laugh yesterday during church. my kids were getting kind of restless and anna looked up at me and asked, ” mom, when are we going… to heaven?” it is nice to know that her heart is in the right place.

here is another picture of us trying to take a holiday picture outside in the cold… it didn’t go over as well as we had hoped…

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  1. thanks babe for supporting me in my crazy idea to take these pictures in the midst of fridged temperatures.

    i love you babe!

  2. so i tried to comment on your latest posting… and my computer would not let me for some reason.

    i was going to say, it was rather funny because you (1) asked people to post so you would know they ‘looked’ at what you did, and (2) i don’t have speakers on this computer, so (3) i enjoyed ‘look’ (ing) at what you had to say, but i have not heard what you said yet!

    hahaha… yes, one could say i have no life…

    or also one could say this is how i relax after my day!

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