of cats, needles, and God’s heart

i recieved this great article from teri hendrickson yesterday with permission to post it here:

Okay today ( Friday the first of December) i was sitting there on the couch with Joe, and i turned to give him a hug. but i opened my eyes and i was looking at the table only to see my cat (Stewart) was on top of it.

When i started to get up to yell at him to get off of the table i noticed that he had something very shinny and long sticking out of his mouth, he seemed to be chewing on it. i got up and ran over to the table and saw that it was a needle ( like to sew something up). so i freaked i was holding him down trying to get it out of his mouth but he wouldn’t let me, just when i thought he had swolled it i saw it again. i tried to pull it out but there was string attached to it and that was down his throat, finally i got it out and everything was fine again.

this really made me think about how fragile babies are how they need their parents to help them, to tell them “No!”, and just to hold them. This is how God is with us, everyone is his baby no matter how old we are or how young we are, we are all God’s babies and he wants to take care of us just how i took care of Stewart. even though Stewart didn’t thank me i still love him and love everything he does no matter how evil or mean he can be with me. But we as people of God have the ability to thank God for taking that needle out of our mouths and saving us from eternal hell, but still people don’t choose him and will be spending all of eternity apart from Him.

one thing that God has done is given me a heart that is broken for our world and i think that all people who believe in him should feel this way too. there are so many people, so many children in the world that have never had the chance to even know that there is an eternal life and that just hurts me to know that we have so many people who don’t want to tell others about how God has saved us; that he took that needle out of our mouths and is holding us in his arms everyday.

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  1. So I was not going to reply to this, but I wanted Teri to know how much I appreciated her comment!

    Thank you, Teri, for sharing this. You enriched my day by thinking (1) its not all about me….

    […if we are so dependent on God, just as your cat was dependent on your help from such a scary situation… then I can surrender my will to his.]

    we all intellectually know this… but surrendering, in my life, has been a continual process.

    So thank you! Your comment was a great oppurtunity to have God remind me of surrendering.

    [Also, Jessika and Maggie, thank you for your help last night. I worked all through the night….its so bad!!!!! I should not have procrastinated. And when I work late I swear my mind goes blank a LOT! I constantly had to remind myself I was reading…. and such…

    I was also appreciating this morning how thankful and dependent I was on your generosity.]

  2. Thank you for telling me that, that encourages me too. And so far this week with the things that i am working on (from Sunday nights talk) is going well, even though yesterday i had a very ruff day i still am doing my homework and trusting God to help me get it done and do the other things i am dealing with.

    Holly i thought that Sunday was amazing, i liked how you went about things. it really helped me to apply myself to all of the things i am doing not just what i want to, because in verse 13 (chapter 2) it says, “But now you belong to Christ Jesus. Though you once were far away from God, now you have been brought near to him because of the blood of Christ.” that just makes me think that now that i am close to God i need to work at everything as though i am working for him like Colossians 3:23 says.

  3. Teri,

    We are going to have one big continual appreciation party (hey, thats what heaven will be like!)

    {and if we have the confidence in our hope (ch 1), and thus have joy in our walk, than we are really partying and ‘throwing’ the party now!)

    “Thank you for thanking me for Sunday.”

    “Thank you for having me, too!”

    >>>>>You all are so much fun.

    Seriously, Teri, I am so happy to hear you have been seeing a result of your work (verse 13 reference). Try to celebrate all the victories! And it sounds like you already are doing exactly that! Cheers!

    By doing that, and sharing, you helped me to remember that for myself.

    Thank you for being in my life :o)

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