internet gem(s) of the week – blog goodness

this week’s gem is actually a bunch of gems. and some of them are even yours. i think it’s kinda cool how many people have begun blogs since i first began this one this one and our family blog.

so today i thought i’d highlight some of the other blogs i read, almost daily (if they post anything that is):

deb’s blog:
my wife’s blog, she doesn’t post that often, but very insightful when she does.

maggie’s blog:
our children’s pastor and my sister, fun stuff, thought provoking, and good dialogue

pastor jon’s blog:
pastor jon’s beginning to get into the blog scene and i think everyone who reads it is hoping he dives in with full gusto.

jessika’s blog:
very good writing, a fresh perspective, and fun wit.

jason’s blog:
what can i say he’s a fun guy, if not also somewhat eccentric, i love the stories

jen’s blog:
this is deb’s cousin, and although i don’t read this one daily, the one thing i love is her “today i’m thankful for:” section at the end of each post – and in fact may begin incorporating the idea into my blog.

my blog:
okay, i know it’s shameless, but i couldn’t resist. 🙂

there are actually more blogs that i read on a regular basis, but this is a good sampling of what i thought would interest this blog’s readers. oh and for those who have started a blog that i may not know about, let me know i’d love to start reading!

p.s. i actually also discovered technorati tonight. it’s a site that keeps track of the “blogosphere”. if you have a blog you can sign up and “claim” your blog and then be able to see various stats on your blog, particularly what other blogs are linking to your blog, and thus see where your blog “ranks”. ranking is determined by traffic to your blog and how many other blogs link to yours, and how high of a rank those blogs have. (stat counter, which i use, also has very detailed information about who visits your site, when, where they’re from, and what computer they use, etc.)

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  1. i’m so glad i made the cut! yes, we are competitive. i know that references your other blog but by now they probably read that post too.

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