a week after ‘black friday’

for those who don’t know, deb and i (and we dragged our sisters into it too) love shopping on black friday. (actually now that i think about it, i think maggie actually went shopping on black friday a year before we started to)

anyways, i know some of you avoid it like the plague. but being the very competitive creatures that we are, we love it – no wait, THRIVE! it’s just plain fun, a lot funner than clicking a mouse. heck i do that everyday, nothing very exciting about it.

anyways, i could see myself this year getting more and more consumed with wanting to go shopping to get stuff, when i didn’t really need anything, and thus not being the thankful for the things/people i’ve already been given.

anyways, i read this article today, that really indicted me. i guess he had the same feelings . . . well that gives me a year to adjust my attitude/thinking/actions.

read it and then comment back here. (it’s okay, it’s a short article)

these girls seem to know what to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.

// today i’m thankful for:
1. heating
2. christmas parties with strangers
3. healthy kids
4. stability
5. apple pie


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  1. LOL!!! I was JUST waiting for you to say something about shopping on black friday!! Tim & I are competitive too… not like you & Deb though. You two are CRAZY!!

    (brings back memories of playing cards)

    I guess I feel the competitiveness come out with thinking I got it cheaper online – that’s why I like ebay so much. I feel ripped off at the store.

    Also… I couldn’t get the article to load… is it my computer?

  2. oh my goodness . . . those were fun days playing cards till “dark o’clock in the morning” at your house. (i think a road trip is in order – either you or us!)

    (and no it wasn’t your computer, i simply copied the link wrong. – it’s fixed now.)

    it’s kinda funny, deb and i were standing in front of Office Max at 4.30am this past black friday and deb made a comment like, “do you realize that every single person that comes shopping this morning is a very competitive person? that’s why it’s so aggressive, because no one who isn’t competitive would come out here at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning!”

    it made us both chuckle.

  3. yea you deffinetly got me hooked on Black friday too. Last year was my first year. but I loved it so much went this year by myself.

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