“the heat is on”

oh, it’s so nice to be warm in every part of the house, espcially since winter is here.

in other news . . . deb’s getting her wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow. she had a tooth that started hurting her last friday and was finally able to call the dentist about it monday. she got an appointment today and they suggested she get her wisdom teeth taken out and they scheduled her an operation for tomorrow at 1:15pm.

it looks like we’re gonna be diving into homeschooling beginning next semester. so we’re in the midst of wading through website after website, book after book, curriculum and workbooks. it’s a bit daunting.

right now we’re in the “looking for curriculum” phase. we went to barne’s and noble a few weeks ago to look for curriculum but mostly they had just lots of books on “why you should start homeschooling”, or “these are the benefits of homeschooling”, etc. we’re already convinced, we just need to know what curriculum is the best. deb’s gotten some phone #’s of other area homeshoolers to i’m sure they’ll be able to shed some light on the subject.

i’m guessing it’s one of those things where once you become a homeschooler you’ll find out about all the bazillion other homeschoolers that you didn’t even know existed before. (because for some reason i have this myth that homeschooling families never actually leave their homes. they just stay there constantly and never are seen in public) it’s kinda like when you get a new car . . . all of a sudden you start noticing that same exact car when you’re driving around that you didn’t notice before.

well i’ve run out of words today.

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  1. new car thing . . . i want a new car. i’m jealous of the new cars around me. but i want a NEW one. but you know it will be quite a while before that ever happens, also what’s the point. I haven’t even had my car a year (wasn’t new, but new to me) and I’m already tired of it. so i’d probably just spend lots of money and get tired of it too. hmm

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