question of the week – your mom

there’s a certain someone in our youth ministry that loves to say “your mom”. what i find hilarious is that he even says this to his own brothers and sisters, so he’s really talking about his mom!

in any case, this week’s question is somewhat inspired by the “your mom” phrase:

// what are you getting your mom for Christmas? //

as for me . . . i have no idea. it’s really getting harder and harder to think of stuff she’d like or need. anyways you’d have to really know my mom to completely understand, and to explain my mom takes way more words that i’d like to write at this time.

so give me you’re best ideas. (especially if you’re my sisters, what are you getting your mom?)

p.s. btw the “your mom” guy now loves to quote Nacho Libre. “iz de behssst!”

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