get to know your pastor – winter thoughts

if you live here you already know, we’re experiencing an ‘arctic’ cold front this week in eastern washington. so our highs are in the lower 30’s and wednesday will be a high of 23*! and then lows in the teens.

that may not mean much to those of you in minnesota that have had that kind of weather since mid july (sarcasm intended) but it’s really cold to those of us who as of 4.30pm on monday still do not have our furnace fixed. (don’t worry, ‘the guy’ is coming later this evening, and we’ve been doing fine with the space heaters mentioned on my blog.
// since i started this post (4.30pm) and now (8.20pm) ‘the guy’ came and said the “ignitor” was defunct and needed to be replaced. he didn’t have one on him, so he’d come back tomorrow. //

anyways, i feel sorry for all of you mild climate parts of our world, where the difference between winter and summer temperatures is a mere 20-30* F. here in our neck of the woods the difference is degrees is about 70-90* F. and so winter brings with it a whole different mindset.

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  1. i don’t like cold. only good thing was that we didn’t have any outdoor recesses due to how cold it was. if it’s below a certain degree we don’t go out. So i didn’t have to go outside:)

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