just so everyone knows . . .

the heat issue has nothing to do with our account (we’ve been very blessed in our finances, and are current with all our bills; and paying down our debt! thank you, very much. don’t get me started) 🙂

it has to do with the gas furnace not working properly. i called the guy that has worked on our furnace before and he was booked with other jobs.

he said he’d definitely be able to come on monday. possibly he could squeeze us in on friday but he didn’t want to promise.

we were given a very fancy heater last year ($400 fancy, EdenPure) so we all had a “sleep over” in our bedroom last night and we were nice and cozy only having to heat one room.

in other news, our digital camera was due to be delivered today (we sent it in for repair). but due to an error on FedEx’s part, we missed it and they won’t re-deliver till friday. grrrrrr!!!!

but oh well, mag, remember to bring your digital camera. (yes you can include pictures along with your video when making a movie in imovie)

well have a great thanksgiving y’all and a fabulous shopping day on friday! there’s no wifi at my in-laws house so i may or may not be able to post tomorrow.

some silliness of my chicas:

UPDATE: and here’s one freak shot of me, that i took at church wednesday night.

do you like my hat?

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  1. I didn’t mean to imply that you had account issues. ( i thought you might think that when i posted it but i couldn’t think of another way to ask my question) I just was wondering if there was a law preventing a hosehold from not haveing heat. but even so i guess that wouldn’t account for the machine breaking. oh well. sorry for the confusion.

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