so maybe one more day

ok, there’s no heat in our house till possibly next monday. i got a call at 10.30pm that school’s cancelled tomorrow because of a broken pipe at the middle school that flooded the front doors and cut off water to the school. so that’s an exciting beginning to the thanksgiving weekend.

anyways, we’re still muddling through all of our homeschooling choices. if anyone has any insight or suggestions on curriculum or any other advice drop us a comment or email or call. laterz.

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  1. At least 50% of the family’s here homeschool. We have seriously considered it as well. But… I just don’t feel like I am personally equiped for it. My time is to divided. People always ask me if I’m going to homeschool (it’s the thing to do!!) And I just tell them – God would have to put a strong calling on me to do it. Then I know I could. Anyway… From what my friends who homeschool say – you need to be willing to enroll your kids in activities with other children – so they are still learning social skills. Most of the homeschool kids here start college classes very early (as early as while still a freshmen in High School)- so that’s kind of nice.

  2. Isn’t there a law or something that requires the heat to be turned on regardless of your account status if the temp. drops below a certain degree. Or is there not one. or is it not cold enought there. I know in mn there is one.

  3. how long would you homeschool your kids?? till they graduate? till high school? till middle school. It might be good when they are older to put them in public school so they can develop thier social skills and have lots of friends.

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