get to know your pastor – awkward return

so obviously this blog has been sorta hit and miss for me lately. and so now i find myself in that “awkward – embarassing return” that i spoke about on sunday. in case you weren’t at church on sunday you can catch the message at our church website or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

anyways, i feel after such a long absence with not much substance in writing that people are expecting something spectacular. as if i’ve been preparing some ‘opus’ or pulitzer prize article. well unfortunately, there’s nothing. the plain fact is that i’ve just been lazy. i haven’t been commited to writing and i also allow myself to be distracted by meaningless stuff.

well let me know what you want to hear about? i had a schedule that i was “sorta” keeping:

mon – get to know your pastor
tue – question of the week
wed – wednesday wisdom
thur – misc.
fri – internet gem of the week
sat – video of the week

did you like this format? is there something else you’d like to see/read?

another thought i had was for anyone to submit questions for me and then i’d respond via video to that question. sorta a video “dear abby” on the blog – call it “ask abe” or something else (suggest name ideas if you have them). so if you like that idea tell me, submit your questions. whether it’s about god, life, school, relationships, family matters, money, etc. (you get the picture)

well, g’night! i’ll see ya tomorrow! 🙂

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