internet gem of the week – freecycle

so i was intrigued by the idea of a web group dedicated to people giving and getting stuff for free. i read about this on sarah’s blog, although she didn’t mention the specific site/forum she uses; i did find this one:

The Freecycle Network(tm) – Changing the world, one gift at a time.

on this site you can choose the area that you live in (or if none exists you can be the lucky one to set it up and bring this to your community) – then sign up for the ‘group’ with a yahoo id (create one if needed) – and then you’ll get perodic emails whenever someone posts to the group that they have something to give or something they need.

the idea is that people will help each other out. you may want to clean out your garage, don’t want to wait for a yard sale, so post it as a free item in your community, someone may want it and be able to come pick it up. see the link above to sarah’s blog on a good practical use of these kind of sites. and then vice versa, if ever you need something that you think someone is willing to give away, post it and who knows you may get lucky!

i just read about this kind of site today, so i’ll be joining up. i’ll let you know what i ‘score’!

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