question(s) of the week – rather have . . .

this week’s question(s) come from an old survey i gave to the youth ministry when i first came. i found it when clearing my macbook hard drive of old files. we’ve got new people now so we’ll get new responses. and if you do remember the survey . . . are you answers the same?

everyone answer in the comments and get to know your fellow reallife blog readers:

would you rather have?

coke pepsi
mcdonalds burger king
beauty intelligence
married life single life
one big present lots of little ones
large youth ministry small committed core
a saturday at home to relax a saturday to “go out on the town”

i’ll answer later so as not to skew results

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  1. pepsi
    married life
    one big present
    large youth ministry (with a committed core)
    go out on the town

  2. PEPSI (duh)
    beauty (i know sounds bad – but i’d rather be dumb and beautiful than smart and UGLY! best would be both)
    married (i hate being alone)
    one BIG present
    large youth ministry (with small groups within it to connect)
    saturday out on the town

  3. diet coke or pepsi;
    intelligence (but what for?; it is ‘a chasing in the wind’ but then again, beauty fades…)
    married life
    lots of little presents
    small committed core instead of big group
    stay at home (but move me to seattle, portland, or such… and i could be a ‘night out on the town’ girl… got to have sophistication!)

  4. ok, so my 3 faithful readers have posted . . . so here’s my answers

    for me:
    coke (i grew up pepsi, it wasn’t till my teenage years that i even tasted coke)
    bK (flame broiled goodness)
    intelligence (if i’m smart i’ll know how to look good)
    married life (it’s great)
    one big present (anything with an ‘apple’ logo)
    large youth ministry (we’ll need a committed core to support it)
    a saturday at home (i used to like to go out, but life is so busy now a day to relax sounds great)

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