i’m back

i am not pregnant anymore. my baby is sleeping right now- in another room. the labor and delivery went relatively smooth. i wanted it to go fast so after a couple of hours of waiting- after my membranes had been stripped and my water had been broken- i asked for pitosin at 11pm. after pushing for 15 minutes rachel joy was born at 3:16am on oct. 19,2006. i guess my iron levels were pretty low- 13 is low and i was at 6 whan rachel was born- so i’ve been really tired and weak lately. actually i’ve been tired for a long time- and i continue to be tired. being awake at all hours of the night dooesn’t help much either. my point… i’m happy that my baby is out. it is so nice to be able to sleep on my stomach again… and not get heart-burn at bed time… and not have swollen hands and feet… and be able to hold my kids on my lap again. i just have no energy to do anything- much less blog.

anyways, i continue to enjoy reading other blogs. it helps me to feel connected to the outside world- which is a big thing for a mother of 4 who doesn’t go anywhere much.

happy november… until later, deborah

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