anybody else having a problem

posting to blogger????

i’ve tried posting something to the reallife.MINISTRIES blog last night and i keep getting errors. i’ve tried on various browsers, different computers, i even used a PC. :-0

so now i’m trying to post something on this blog to see if it’s just the youth blog having a problem or blogger in general?

i guess if you are having a problem and this doesn’t post you’d have no way of answering the question till blogger fixes itself.

update (12:12pm 10-28-06): so obviously since this has now posted the problem is resolved. or is it . . . ? this post didn’t publish the first time i tried to post. it wasn’t till i came to my sister’s house today that i got it to work. so the question now is . . . did blogger fix whatever problems it had? or is it my internet connection that is causing the “publishing” problems??

i’ll try posting something else from home when i get there . . . (to be continued)

update (2.21pm 10-28-06): okay i’m home now, hopefully this will post? (fingers crossed). second try.

update (2.23pm 10-28-06): so i ended up having to “release and renew” my router’s dns settings in order to get that to work. not sure why it wasn’t working in the first place, but i’m glad it’s working again now.

as if any of you cared about my little SAGA with blogger. suffice it to say, i was not a happy camper.

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  1. still no luck, posting from home. i’ll probably spend hours trying to figure out what to do.

    help . . . anyone??
    the really weird thing is that i can comment, but not post.

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