happy birthday dad!

75 years, congrats.

it’s getting harder to know what to get you for your birthday, by this time in your life you’ve got whatever you need. so we got you rachel. 🙂

yesterday was a busy day for us at the lara household . . . click to read more [+/-]

first off it was the first sunday for rachel joy. deb was/is still feeling exhausted and trying to adjust to all the changes in her body. so she stayed home. i usually do announcements on sunday mornings, so i came home (next door to the church) and grabbed rachel to hold her while i did announcements. everybody loved seeing her (even the ones who knew for certain that she’d be a boy).

i also got the privelage of baptizing 2 teenagers yesterday morning. one of them forgot to bring a towel so i let her use the one i brought and i just went home all soaking wet, in oct morning cold. (ok so not as cold as our MN friends, but cold nonetheless when you’ve just come out of a non-heated baptismal)

it was also my dad’s birthday yesterday, so after church we went to his house for lunch. we spent a couple hours there and then came home to get ready for the evening service.

last night was a special youth service at reallife.CHURCH. we had our District Youth Director for the Northwest Ministry Network for the Assemblies of God (washington and northern idaho) as a guest speaker with us. we had Jeffery Portmann come speak last year and i’ve decided to make it a yearly event: DYD Day! i also hope to have him come back again sooner. some of our youth suggested during spring break or summer so that he could bring his whole family. (they didn’t come this time because his boys have school the next day)

today is my last day of ‘paternity leave’, deb has been noticably been “getting better”. but she still needs to take it easy, so i’m glad i’m able to be available for her today.

i’ve got to get the kids ready for school so – later y’all.

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  1. yea it’s not as cold over there. Okay so I woke up this morning and there as snow on the windshild of my car.

  2. your family is looking great! Deb is recovering well and Julia seems to be adjusting nicely to not being the baby.

  3. with being retired from pizza hut shouldn’t you have more time to keep up with your blog? anna blogs more than you, hee hee!

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