she meets the sisters

i’m able to stay home today and monday from work for paternity leave, which is better than nothing i guess. deb is still pretty exhausted, as would be expected after the experience. (BTW guys, she says she’s heard it compared to running a marathon, she says “it’s nothing like running a marathon. a marathon would be easy, almost fun exercise by comparison. in a marathon you are simply using your muscles in a normal way, although vigerously. there’s nothing normal about the muscles you use for childbirth!” -[and all the women said, “AMEN!”])

here’s some pics of rachel meeting the rest of the family:

i’ll write more about the whole experience later. (nothing traumatic, for me at least. just some funny anecdotes)

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  1. AMEN!!! I couldn’t believe how sore the muscles between my shoulder blades were. Rest as much as you can Deb!

    Your family is adorable!!

  2. Hi Lara Family,
    I posted earlier but I might have done something wrong because it didn’t show up. So, I’m trying again. Sorry if it ends up posting twice.

    Congrats on your new beautiful baby. I’m so happy she’s healthy and all is well with mom, too. I love the name. That is my niece’s name.

    You have a beautiful, wonderful family. I don’t know if Maggie has told you but I have husbands all picked out for your daughters.

    Jim’s great niece just had her 4th boy today and her oldest is in kinder just like Anna (with 2 inbetween). It would make family get togethers very interesting if all 4 sisters married 4 brothers in another family.

    They plan to have more too, at least 1 more. After today though plans may get changed. This 4th baby had to be delivered C-section and hers get bigger every time. This one was ll pounds 4 ounces.

    Anyway, just wanted to say congrats. Hope to see the new one sometime.

  3. Susan,
    I’m glad that Hannah is done being pregnant as well. I was praying for her today, that her baby would be well and mom would be too. That’s one big baby!

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