not quite 100

well, first off . . . no baby yet. well there is a baby, it’s just still inside deborah. secondly, my first 100 mile challenge is over, but i didn’t quite make it. it seems i was a little over anxious in what i could accomplish. but if i look at it like, “wow! i ran/walked 88.6 miles in the past 4 weeks!”

anyways, i’ve set myself a new goal of 150 miles in the next 8 weeks. (i’ll keep you updated as the weeks progress. i’ve also reduced my weight by about 5 lbs in the past 4 weeks too. now i do have to say congratulations to my brother-in-law who has lost weight via Prism; 5 lbs in 1 week. i was mentioning my weight reduction to deborah and how it wasn’t as drastic as Jorge’s weight loss and she responded “but then again you’re not eating like Jorge either!” which is just fine by me, i’m losing weight without having to eat rice cakes. but then again she responded, “he’s probably saying, “i’m glad i don’t have to go running like aber!” so to each his own i guess.

i’m going to go enjoy a piece of apple pie now. đŸ˜‰

oh and . . . in other news, yesterday was my last day at pizza hut. (i’m free!) hopefully i’ll have more time now to devote to posting. (insert wild cheering from all the fans)

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  1. wow late night posting! i checked last night before i went to bed and didn’t see anything. glad you’re losing weight. hope jorge keeps up with Prism while gone and eating with “the guys”.

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