i love my goofball

so i’m trying a new method of posting, via email. i’ve set up my blog to be able to post something just by sending the email to a “special” email address. this is my first time doing it this way so i’m not sure if i can include pictures or not. (if it does work there should be a picture of danielle sticking her tongue out to the right of this text)

i’m trying this method so that i can write the posts ‘offline’ while i’m at school on my macbook and then when i go home simply send it and have it post. for those wondering . . . our school does have internet access, but i’ve been asked to not “plug in” with my mac. because it’s not an ‘official school’ computer.

(actually i was told – “because it’s a mac it messes with the system” – which isn’t true at all, but i guess the principle isn’t a ‘technical’ guy so he reinterpreted what he was told by the tech guys. the principle actually forwarded me the email he received from the tech guys and all it said was that there was an ‘unathorized’ computer connecting to the net and they identified it as an apple macbook)

so even though i know it doesn’t “mess up” the school system at all, i’ll bite my tongue, submit to authority and not connect to the internet while at school. sooo i’m trying a new method.

now back to your regularly scheduled post . . .

so yesterday was my first day officially unemployed by pizza hut which was really nice. my decision to “retire” (as my niece put it) from pizza hut was mostly driven by 1) my desire to spend more time at home and 2) that i want to be able to devote more time to church activities. our church is currently in a ‘season of change’ and my duties are also transitioning.

so did i focus on either of those two motives on my first day off work?? glad to report, YES! before my week was busy every night of the week: Sun.,Wed, & Thurs. i was at church; Mon, Tue, Fri, & Sat i was usually scheduled at pizza hut. so we never had an evening free to just relax or planning anything. so we decided to go to yakima, drop the kids off at grandma’s house and go out to eat with deb.

what i enjoyed the most about the evening was when we came back to grandma’s house. i was sitting on the couch and danielle came up to me asking to read her a book. and it was such a great book “sesame street’s: i can do it myself”. as a growing, maturing, four year old she is learning to do new things “by herself” everyday. we sat on the couch together enjoying our time together. i even helped her sound out the words to read the book to me. it was a great father/daughter moment.

now i could have done this on some nights even when i did work at pizza hut, but i was more relaxed, not tired, and focused knowing that it was moments like these that i had “retired” from pizza hut for.

it was a great evening all around. i look forward to many more. i love my goofball (danielle) and all our other kids. cuddle times with danielle are always special in their own way.

UPDATE: it did post the text but not the pictures, so i went back manually via blogger’s site to add the pictures.

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  1. yeah! just don’t do the retire/rehire thing! hee hee. It’s awesome that you are able to spend some good time with your little goofball.

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