movie night moved to saturday this week

in case you weren’t here on sunday or just need a reminder . . . we moved the reallife.MOVIE Night to saturday because of Homecoming this week. so i’ll see ya saturday at 8.00 pm. bring some friends, some food, and be ready to laugh.

we’ll be watching the ‘Clean Comedy Tour’. if you need a preview watch below:


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  1. so,

    i was teaching out of luke 16 today again.

    well, i brought it up yesterday, and i thought kids ‘got it.’ So, i was thinking things were great! then half of my health class was late, so to manage my classroom i had my (present) students start writing their thoughts about our discussion yesterday. and it turns out many didn’t get it.

    So, we started talking about it, and i used an example of “i need to be shrewed by….(ex) getting your tests back in a timely fashion.,” and you can be shrewed by staying on task when the teacher gives you an assignment.

    but then they said, ‘but you haven’t got our tests back yet! so how come you are telling us to stay on task, and ‘be shrewed,’ when you arn’t doing it!

    and i replyed, well, the lord tells us to make wise choices, and do it with a integritous modivation… and also, we walk in grace in that he will help us accomplish things and trust in him when we don’t meet the standard, but we still need to do the best that we can do to ‘be shrewed’ and make wise choices.

    and it did not solidify in their minds… HELP!

    From someone with wisedom!

    does anyone have vision that they can contribute to help me bring glory to this situation?


  2. hey holly,

    i don’t know what all you explained to your class about the chapter. but i don’t know if doing assignments and correcting tests is a correct or complete interpretation of what being “shrewd” in this context means.

    perhaps“ REL=”nofollow”>this article may give you a little more insight and be able to help you.

  3. they have a “due date” for assignments/tests. maybe you can have an anticipated “due date” for returning assignments. that way they will know when to expect assignments back and you will have motiviation to do the grading. (not so sure I understand the shrewd thing) just talking about the “you arn’t doing it” comment. just a suggestion.

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