“i’d like to cancel my appointment”

in and of itself it’s not a very amusing phrase. people do it all the time; dentist appointments, doctor visits, parent/teacher meetings, etc.

but when you’re 38 weeks pregnant and have an “induction appointment” for 8 am today it sounds funny to call the hospital yesterday and say, “i’d like to cancel my appointment”. i’m not sure if they didn’t believe her or if it just doesn’t happen very often but they told her she had to call her dr.

she did and the nurse said she was busy and would call her after her next patient. she called again around 3pm, and then again at 5.30pm; still no call back from the doctor. so around 7.30pm she calls the hospital again to tell them that she is not coming tomorrow morning, they ask again if she’s called her doctor, and then after looking at the schedule realise that the doctor had already called the hospital to cancel the induction, but i guess forgot to call deb back to let her know.

so baby’s not coming today (at least not because of an ‘eviction notice’ as my mom calls it). if the baby does come today, it’ll be because if his/her own free will [actually God’s Will, but we’ll let the baby think what he/she wants for the first few minutes ;-)]

in other news, anna’s got some sort of stomach flu or virus or something. she threw up last night before bed, again in the middle of the night, and then again this morning. tonight is the open house at her and danielle’s school, hopefully she’ll feel better by then.

well, that’s all for now, we’ll keep you posted on all baby news!

p.s. thanks to all the church members who blessed us with about a bazillion diapers this past sunday, we appreciate it!

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