no baby yet

well i know you were thinking it. believe me you’ll find out here if we’ve had the baby or not. although today deb’s felt a lot of movement and felt like it was coming today.

well if this is the place for lara news, then let the news begin.

i’ve got about 11 days left on my “100 miles in 4 weeks” challenge. i’m at 60 mi.

i’ve been working on a new website for the church. (old site vs. new site // when it’s complete the old site address will point to the new address. // oh and give me any feedback on what you think would be great to add to the site or take away, etc.)

also, i’ve put my two weeks notice at pizza hut. i’ve decided i need to devote more time to my family, and i’m going to be busier with “roundTABLE” coordination at church.

well that’s about it for now, i hope to write more “thought provoking” stuff in future posts. gotta go, fpu is starting the discussion portion.

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  1. great step, with leaving pizza hut. you’ll find it worthwhile. i’ve been looking at northpoint community church website and they have a marriedlife section and one of their mottos is “hurry home” – schedules must reflect the huge priority of home. something i’ve been looking at myself, am i putting other things above my home. good for you.
    oh, i want to know about the baby before the blog world – hee hee.

  2. I love the “Hurry Home” Motto!!!

    Abe – to play devil’s advocate…
    how does quitting ph work with your getting out of debt thing?

    Seem’s to be a conflict of interest.

    Just wondering. Can’t wait to hear your baby news!!!

    T & S

  3. the 23rd, but we went in today (10/7/06) with a “false alarm” but we did get a scheduled “induce” appointment for tuesday morning (10/10/06). but the nurse attending us said she didn’t think deb would make it until tuesday, that she wouldn’t be surprised if she came in later tonight or tomorrow!

    we got sent home because the baby wasn’t low enough (for those wondering)

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