oh did i mention . . .

anna’s in the first grade (sorta) . . .

as i’ve mentioned before, we tried getting anna into first grade this year by skipping kindergarden. well she is in kindergarden for most of the day, but her teacher was noticing (with our prompting) how well anna could read. so i’m glad to report she’s now doing the reading block of time with the 1st graders.

not only in with a first grade class, but the highest level 1st grade class! my sister mentioned about an answer to prayer for her daughter concerning school work. i found out later that anna was in that same prayer circle at church asking for her reading time not to be so boring (she was after all only learning about “A” and then “E”, when she could read and write at a 1.4 reading level [that’s 1st grade – 4th month]). and low and behold last monday afternoon the teacher asked if we’d like her to be in the 1st grade reading block and she began the next day! God cares about every detail of our lives.

trust Him.

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