i know . . . i know . . .

i know . . . i know . . . mag, my fans have been waiting. and i’ve been feeling bad if it makes you feel any better. (actually what makes me feel bad is that people don’t leave comments if i don’t provide any fodder for stimulation)

ok, so here’s a run down of ‘recent lara events’ (for our fans)

> deb will be 37 weeks on monday and she’s ready to get this kid out yesterday.
> i’ve been working on a new website for the church (when it’s ready for the public, you’ll be the first to know) running a lot, oh, and i got new “quality” shoes today. (asics, in case you were wondering)
> anna turned 6 and she’s loving her new ‘shuffle’.
> i think julia’s starting to realize that she’s not going to be the baby soon, she’s been wanting to sleep in the crib every night.
> and danielle is just the cutest middle child on the edge of becoming a genius in preschool while getting lost in the day to day hustle and bustle.

that’s about all i can spit out right now. i could make promises that i’ll post everyday and never miss again but why would i want to do that to myself??

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