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  1. way to go, guys!!!! :o)

    i remember my high school being so ‘foreign’ in a spiritual sense. [not that i was ALL godly]

    my memories help me remember and have compassion for what it must be like for all of you to suit up everyday and deal with all that stuff you encounter.

    way to make the choice to stand up, be seen, and praise the Lord!!!!

    :oP Holly

  2. so i have a question.

    i am offering extra credit to my kids contingent on them sharing their personal walk. Is that ethical?

    so, we do devotions in my first period on monday, wednesday, and friday. So, i told them i would offer them extra credit (equivilent to half a ‘normal’ weeks points in general duties) if they:
    (1) shared something they were struggling with, or working through with Jesus,
    (2) if they opened the discussion for others to add what they were going through,
    (3) and they have kids produce something (half page devotion, etc.)

    One of my girls had a real problem with it. She didn’t understand why she had to share her personal struggles to attain the full extra credit points.

    my response was, basically:

    “it’s extra credit. don’t do it if you don’t want to do it.”
    and then I even said she could get partial extra credit if she didn’t want to share her personal struggles.

    She still had a problem with it.

    Am I being a good discipler, or a bad one? in other words, is it unethical for me to require personal sharing?


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