get to know your pastor – wwe

instead of repeating myself, start off by reading “the other stuff” in this post, where i talk about my feelings while watching WWE’s Friday Nigh Smackdown.

ok, now that you’ve read that, i’d like to expound on more of my thoughts from last friday night. i’ve always found it interesting that all these guys put on such a “bravado” attitude while on camera. saying things like, “i’m the toughest guy in the universe; no one can take me down; i’m gonna crush so-and-so into next year” etc., etc., ad nauseum. i’ve always thought wouldn’t it be funny to find out that it truly is all ‘just a show’. and so in public they put on this tough guy persona and wanting to relate to the “Walmart Crowd” (i mean no offense, i personally shop at walmart and have no problems doing so. although i wouldn’t categorize myself as being part of the “Walmart Crowd”) but then i private they dress completely different, have controlled manners, refined tastes, are super intelectuals, and basically ‘hob nob’ with other rich people.

pretty weird to think about, heh?

it’s kinda like finding out that the “PC guy” in those new Apple commercials is in real life a Mac user. go figure?!!

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