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as promised here’s a picture of our “great move” a week ago. (all room names are of their new status)

we’re still cleaning up from the whole ordeal. but all in all i think we like our new set up. and hopefully we’ll keep it that way for a while (so i won’t have to move it again).

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so deb is back from her women’s conference (thank goodness!). but during her absence i had an interesting experience – i watched “wwe’s friday night Smackdown”. i don’t normally watch “professional wrestling” – grown men in underwear beat each other up. but i found myself inexplicably captivated and unable to look away. i had a pleathera of feelings during this time.

first, if the whole thing is staged then it certainly is a painful dance. and if it’s not staged then these wrestlers truly are dumb. because usually one of them looks obviously more “ripped” than the other. i don’t care how good the money is, why would the weaker/flabby-er guy get in the ring to get beat up week after week. on the rare occasion that they are equal in strength they fight until one of them is almost beaten and then all of a sudden he acquires some super strength in the final minutes as if he’s possesed. and he’s doing all these fancy trick moves to counter act his opponent’s advances. my question is, “if he knew all these fancy moves why didn’t he use them before he got beat up??” they must be stupid.

secondly i couldn’t understand why i was so drawn to watching it. i don’t consider myself to be a “guy’s guy”. i don’t fix cars, i’ve never been hunting, i’m not one for manual labor, i’ve never driven a motorcycle, i’ve never been to a monster truck show, i don’t watch any sport religiously, and so i certainly am not one to watch “professional wrestling“. maybe it was because deb was gone i could watch for more than 3 seconds without changing the channel. maybe it was because when i was a kid i used to try to get interested in the WWF because all my friends were into “hulk holgan, ‘the giant’, and others.” or maybe part of it was seeing how enthusiastic the crowd was during the whole spectacle. it reminded me of what days of the gladiators; with an arena full of people seeing to challengers duel to the death.

in any case, it was really wierd to find myself watching it.


okay, my running is continuing but i need to up the pace a little. as stated on this post, i’ve set myself a goal of running 100 miles in 4 weeks using the nike+ sportkit to track my progress. this works out to a little bit more than 3.5 miles a day. as of this morning i’m about 2.5 miles behind my goal. the reason this is significant is because on my own i would be ‘fine’ if i exercised ~5 days a week with an average of 1-3 miles per workout. but now if i skip a day i’ll fall even more behind in my distance goal. so in order to allow myself a day off or two a week, i’m gonna have to start running/walking 5-6 miles/week. i’ll keep you posted on my progress. oh and if anyone who reads this has a nike+ system and would like to start a ‘challenge’ your welcome to email me. (click on my profile in the upper right for a link to email me)


finally, the reality of the fact that we’re gonna have a baby just hit me today.  what got me thinking of this is a sixth grader in my first period class.  she just came back today after a week vacation with her family to disneyland!  and it got me thinking that 6th grade is a perfect age to take a family vacation to disneyland.  i thought this mostly because they’re old enough to have fun with their parents and be somewhat independent, but not old enough to think it’s a drag to have to go on a vacation with their parents.  anyways it got me thinking, “if we go when anna (our oldest) is in 6th grade what grade will the others be?”  and then i had to keep thinking because there’s another kid coming into the mix that i hadn’t thought of before.  so if anna is in sixth grade; danielle in 4th; julia in 2nd; and the “new kid” in kindergarden!  wow, what a trip that will be.  or should we wait until julia’s in 5th or 6th grade??

now we’ve promised “the girls” that we’ll go to disneyland when we’re ‘out of debt’ and anna for one is quick to remind us of that fact.  at our current pace we’ll be out of debt when she’s in 4th or 5th grade.  so we’ll see when it all happens.


well that was sure a lot to write, and even more to comment about.  i guess that’s what i get for being so lax in my writing recently . . .

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  1. my boss & her sister’s family goes to Disneyland every 3 years. Their family consists of 10 year old Brian & 6 year old twins, Zoey & Syndey. Yes, they did go 3 years ago when the girls were 3. Mind you, they had 3 adults to look after the kids, but I think when Anna & Danielle are a little older (6th grade for example), that would be fine for the younger two.

  2. it’s cuase back in the day you used to wrestle mom in the livingroom. i also caught you and a friend wrestling outside next door (down from us). i didn’t know you were wrestling so i threw a board on his back. wrestling for you goes way back.

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