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  1. in my best “Holly” spirit i can muster i’ll post a comment that bears no relation to the post it falls under. here goes . . .


    hey holly,

    whatever happened to your blog. i remember reading in some comment you made either here or the youth blog or on maggie’s or deb’s blog that you had gotten one. i even remember looking at your ‘profile’ and seeing one listed. but when i clicked on the link (or something like that) it came up with an error message.

    so did you give up on the idea? are you too busy with school? or did you have trouble figuring out how to get it to work right??

    i was just wondering and since i’m 95% sure you’ll read this sometime, i thought this was as good a place as any to ask.

  2. hahahaha..


    on a serious note, i am sorry if i have peeved you off.

    see, i will readily write stuff, but i won’t invest the time to start one up.

    yes, life would be much more effective if i worked in the system. i am growing in that, but evidently am not growing.

    i signed up for it cauze i had to with debra’s site; but that has been the most of my behavior.

    i would like to. Relationally, it would be a wise choice so I stop peeving people off. I haven’t got around to it yet.

    And then when I thought about it, I got confused and couldn’t figure out how to do it.

    not to say I couldn’t figure it out… i have too much pride and stubbornness to say that….

    but it was way harder then it should have been, and then i stopped pursuing it.

    so, if we could pow wow, if you want and can show me how to set it up, and if it is not too detail orientated, i should be able to produce one.


  3. to set the record straight, i’m not “peeved off”. i was simply interested in reading your thoughts if you indeed had a blog.

    and i’d be glad to “pow wow” with you about it, and no it’s not to hard or difficult.

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