gem of the week –

hey i found this site with free downloadable songs. even though the title says “” it will work on stoneage “windows pc’s” too. (bias intended)

anyway there’s a sampling of different genres. i’ve already downloaded about 10 of the songs and loaded them into itunes. (BTW apple came out with iTunes 7.0 this past week, check it out!)

in case you don’t figure it out. when you go to the site click on the name of the song, then scroll down to the “download this song” link. you may have to right click on the link and choose ‘save file as’ or something to that effect to get it to download.

you can also click on the little blue play button just under the title of the song to hear a sample. oh and one last thing, on the right side there is a list of categories with the number of songs in each genre.


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