syatp rally

it was great to see everyone that made it out to the SYATP rally in sunnyside yesterday. i just wanted to take a moment to remind those of you who took posters to talk to your administrators (if you haven’t already) to give them a heads up about the event and to ask permission to put the posters up.

secondly i wanted to say that i think you guys rock. now don’t get me wrong, i’m all into students being involved in ministry. i’m just grateful for being a part of a ministry with students that do ministry well. like i said, reallife, you rock!

finally another reminder to be talking to others who were not at the rally to go to SYATP. get involved, if someone isn’t leading the event for your school take the lead. and most of all remember to pray.

i’ve heard from the middle school kids that they’ll be meeting at 6.30am. when’s the high school crowd meeting?? (let me know i want to take pics)

here’s some pics from last year’s SYATP!

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