the breakfast of champions

(this has been my typical breakfast recently)

i’ve really been into fruit lately. it started a few weeks ago when i was delivering pizza and i came to a house with a huge bag of pears on a chair near the front door. normally i wouldn’t ask, but this day i was really hungry, and i like pears, plus i figured they wouldn’t mind. so . . . i asked for a pear as i left.

to my surprise she offered me the whole bag. i didn’t necessarily want the whole bag but she insisted that i take a lot. she went inside, grabbed an empty bag, and filled it up. (probably about 10 lbs. total). so i ate 1-2 pears a day for a whole week.

then deborah learned that she could get “coupons” from WIC to use at the ‘farmer’s market’. so we bought a bunch more pears, peaches, nectarines, and a whole box of Gala apples (my favorite). in addition to being able to meet my daily serving of fruit for the day, deb’s also made me an apple pie! she also made one for my sister’s birthday (but she lives in minnesota, so we took it to my mom’s house to celebrate!)


in other news . . . sunday we completely revamped our house. those who visit us regularly know that we rearrange our furniture often. like more often than most people. in the three years we’ve lived in our house our living room furniture has changed probably 10-15 times (i’ve lost count). we just get bored of the same ole, same ole so we change it. it’s also a method to clean up a room.

on occasion we go beyond the living room. we’ve moved one or two bedrooms around every now and then.

but sunday . . . sunday just about everything got moved. nobody has the same bedroom as before. even the baby’s nursery got moved to another room. and we added a “family” tv room. in fact, this time around the only room that didn’t change was the living room. (technically the dinning room, kitchen, bathroom, and washer/dryer room also stayed the same but there’s not really much you can do to change furniture in those rooms without serious remodeling)

p.s.  i’ll add i diagram of the whole transition later.

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