question of the week – farts/day?

yep you read correctly . . .

how many times do you fart a day?

you probably don’t normally keep track so take the next 24 hours and keep a mental track of your gastric system. (or make a paper tally if it would be too much to mentally track it)

post your numbers here tomorrow. of if you’d like keep track for a whole week and then give us an average. go ahead, don’t be shy, in the light of eternity who really cares how much you fart, it’ll be fun!


btw i forgot to post these numbers last week

:: 213/4/3

if you don’t know what those numbers mean read this.

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  1. ummmmmmm…abe, i don’t think that any of the middle schoolers in our youth group even go to this blog…and i don’t think anyone else would really want to comment:)

  2. i don’t really care or want to know, per se. but just thought it’d be a fun question.

    and truth be told, i’ve noticed that i’ve been farting a lot recently. but it’s ok because mine don’t stink. no really, they don’t! about 98% of the time they’re just noise, no substance.


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