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i’ve got to get some better shoes. for the past two weeks or so my left heel has been hurting. not enough to make me limp, but painful nonetheless and constant.

to further aggrevate this condition is the fact that i’ve begun exercising this past weekend because of my nike+ iPod system. moreover, because i didn’t shell out $100+ for the nike shoes that go with it, i’ve been having to put the little sensor under the insole of my current “walmart special” shoes (right under my arch). this is tolerable when walking or running, but in no way comfortable. (i did buy the $10 pouch that velcros to my laces, but it hasn’t arrived yet)

but i’m not really sure what pair of shoes is causing me the pain. is it my “walmart” running shoes? my $20 payless black shoes? or my $20 payless brown shoes?? and if i’m going to buy new good shoes that will support my feet correctly then do i have to buy all new shoe styles??

any suggestions?? what brand of running shoes do you recommend? where can i get a good price? or would getting “dr. scholl’s” type insoles be sufficient?

also a dilema to throw into the mix is the reason why i buy such cheap shoes. it seems that i “go through” shoes very quickly. in fact i usually don’t buy new shoes until the current ones are falling apart. what are your suggestions on how to maintain my shoes better?

the wierdest part . . . it’s only my left foot that hurts?! go figure.

ps. i almost forgot here’s the link to the article that gives your life expectancy based on age, race, and geography.

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  1. i do have payless and wal-mart shoes…

    but i think girls shoes are different, because a lot of times we have so many of them. they are an accessory for us more than for guys.

    tennis shoes are a quality staple in your wardrobe.

    so, my personal opinion for you is to shell out the money for good shoes. if you have pain issues, that is not cool.

    an extra $50 is well worth it to be happy about nice shoes, to look good, and to not be in pain.

    shoes are important.

    now, for you ‘going through shoes so fast,’ typically cheap shoes fall apart faster then nice shoes. not that this will solve all of those issues.

    i think, abe, you may just be a high-maintenece shoes person. Accept yourself as you are! ;oP

    in regards to types of tennis shoes, or sneakers, (i can’t remember what you called them), i like the N brand… i can’t remember which one that is… New Balance? or Addidas.

    But that is just because I don’t like Nike or Reebok, personally.

    If I can influence you away from Nike or Reebok, I have fufilled my mission in life!


  2. i am an official bereen student, finally.

    i have been avoiding being in school… and now i am literally and methodoligically IN ONE.

    wait… i just confused myself…

    I’m excited! what is that song? ‘obedience is neat?’ i can’t remember what song that comes from….. oh! wait! the jonah song…. dum dum dum dum, do de dum dum dum, etc.

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