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  1. by the way, when Jeff & I were in Victoria (the weekend we got engaged), we played this same game. One would name an actor/actress, usually a big name (Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, etc) & we’d go back and forth and each name one film. We both knew the celebrity had a ‘ton’ of films, but it was challenging to come up with the titles. A couple times, we were left with saying something like, “you know, the one where they played ‘this’ character and I think they did ‘that’ in the movie…” Then, when we got home from being away, we went straight to to identify the names of their movies.

    Fun game, Abe!

  2. “13 blocks”

    we watched this one last night while i was trying to think of what to post. i’d never even heard of it before my sister-in-law recommended it when she was here yesterday.

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