an open book

here is another aspect of princess-ness for your consideration. her life is an open book. every detail of her life will be examined by those that she leads. even though she may not know it, she lives her life in the spotlight. those around her will watch her looking for an example to follow.

with this in mind, we must live our lives in such a way that if someone were to copy us exactly, it would be okay. i think of the apostle paul’s statement in 1 corinthians 11:1 to “follow my example as i follow the example of Christ.” a christian woman should be able to echo this phrase. anybody- including her children- should be able to look at their life and say “if i live like that i will be happier because i’m walking in wholeness and purity.”

when others look at us, they should see examples of loving relationships, the proper way to deal with stress and conflict, and a model for holy living. if these traits do not currently represent how you are living, here are some ideas for improvement. find good christian books that address these topics; join a small group at your church that will discuss an area that you are currently struggling in; ask a friend to hold you accountable in an area that you’d like to grow in. if you need assistance in getting pointed in the right direction, let me know. i’ve used many different resources to become a better wife, mother, minister, etc.

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  1. i painted the christian walk as a wrestling match.

    you painted it as being a princess on display for everyone to see.

    if i was heading up the women’s ministry, maybe we would all be wrestling! hahahahaha


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