part of a different generation

i’m going to be turning 30 this year. (3 mo. 6 days to be exact) with this milestone birthday comes a paradigm shift for me. maybe no one else will see me different but in my mind things will be different.

when i turned 20 i dressed in black all day as a way to symbolize my teenage years. i don’t think i’ll do the same for this decade. it was a great decade, but it seems kinda foolish to “mourn” for it. i don’t really feel like i’m getting old, which is part of my recent soul searching. (it may also be a reason why i started a blog) because i don’t really feel old but i don’t think i’m gonna feel young either. so i kinda feel like i’m in this generational “purgatory“.

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this was accentuated last thursday at the FPU class that i lead. we were talking about balancing our check books and paying our bills. i mentioned that sometimes we don’t even open our bank statement and rarely write checks by hand. the others in the group were kinda puzzled so i explained . . . i check our bank accounts online a couple times a week and pay all of our bills through auto-draft, a bank written check, or bill pay; all online.

they were somewhat alarmed that we would do such a thing. they were very wary of doing anything like that online for fear of identity theft. it was hard for them to understand that in the past 3 years since we’ve lived in grandview we’ve written maybe 10 checks. and half of those were because we had to send in an initial check to a company in order to set up auto-draft for that bill.

on top of being comfortable using the internet to manage my finances, i would also be categorized as an “alpha user” on the internet. (that’s the term i’ve heard for it) i like to be one of the first people to try new things or see them or at least know they exist on the internet. i’m the guy people ask to find out “what’s cool/new” on the internet?? (Baby Names, Leet Speak, Rasterbator, Armpit Fart, Rocketboom, and of course Apple)

so obviously i’m not part of the “older” generation . . .

today is 9/11; so naturally people’s thoughts are remembering the events of 2001. i also work at a middle school and began thinking at how old the students were. this year’s 6th graders were just starting the 1st grade; hardly able to fully understand what was going on. my oldest daughter wasn’t even a year old. and this year’s graduating seniors (class of 2007) never lived in america with president reagan, they never knew micheal jackson used to be black, and they all have a “myspace“. but mostly i don’t feel young anymore because i own a minivan, we’re about to have our fourth child, and my kids call me “dad”.

so i don’t really feel as part of the younger generation. i feel like part of a different generation. i’ve heard that 40 is the new 30. my peers (in general) are taking longer to get married, longer to settle into a career, still play video games; but at the same time . . . have their own families, buying new homes, and are beginning to pay their own bills without asking mom or dad to help them out.

this is my generation. i’ll probably discuss this again a couple months after my 30th birthday has come and passed.

“is that a wrinkle??”

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  1. i am feeling so old, too.

    i graduated from high school 6 years ago…thats like more than halfway over the half of 10 years….

    i know your older then me… but your blog made me appreciate how i am feeling odd too.

    We used to be in the ‘high school age,’ then the ‘after high school but way still young phase,’ then the ‘I’m a college student phase,’ then ‘I am a recent college graduate phase,….. and all of this was under 5 years after high school graduation.

    i wonder if i am going to be with babies or husband by my 10 year graduation.

    abe, at least you have a ‘lot to show’ at those reunions…

    “in the last 10 years, I have:

    (1) gone to college
    (2) got married
    (3) had 3+ babies
    (4) became a pastor

    i tried to blog this before… id on’t know if you will get two..

    i told mag i just need to start a blog cauze i keep flooding everyone else’s blog with rumbish.

    i am scared i will become a blog-a-olic, though.

    :o) holly

  2. i basically am a blog-a-olic, now…. though….

    i am on my prep not prepping!

    i have to get back to the EXCITING world of grading papers!

    [not to mock or be ungrateful for what the Lord has given me, though….]
    :oP holly

    oh yea…. i have to clean the overhead projector… teachers and paras both do those jobs…

    i can’t figure out how to not get ink all over myself….any tips?…

    i couldn’t figure it out last year, either….

  3. Holly please don’t say that your “old” because if you are then I am too. we are the same age you know ( or maybe a year diffrent i know it’s close though) See part of me feels wierd. not because i think i’m “old” but because it’s wierd being a “grown up” you know the whole paying your bills, living on your own. having more of a career job as opposed to a “college” job. having friends that are married and/ or have kids and not feeling like they are too young to do so. But all i’m waiting for now is for when people try and guess my age. that they at least guess that i’m out of my teens. That keeps me feeling young.

  4. eli,

    i hope you are well!

    yea, i hear you.. we are not “old..” but we are ‘out of our teens.’

    abe talked about driving a minivan, and living in ‘that culture.’

    we are not in the minivan culture, huh?

    ok… so people used to guess me to be way older… like, when i was 17 they guessed 21….

    now, people guess my age.. i am not sure if that is a sign of health or dysfunction. [not a real thought, but a superficial one!]

    are you the same?
    you said people no longer guess [that] you are in the teens?

    i am going to be 24 soon. i can not believe it! thats, like, one under the half-way point. you 2?!

    you talked about paying bills, etc.Yeah, we are still learning about that. FPU says, $ stuff is 80% behavior…. how much behavior do I have to ‘put in’ before i get to the functional and ‘normal’ competency?


    I keep thinking finances won’t be such an abstract thinking exercise….or would that be called the ‘rational’ thinking exercise? hahaha

    do we have issues with this because we are female? with finances? hahahaha….j/k

    so, i feel like i don’t fit into a group… age-wise. you spoke about that too with your friends having babies and such.

    not that it is so bad.. joy is joy…. you know?.. whether you have fun with a 4 year old or a 60 year old. and whether you are in a minivan or a ‘cool’ car.

    the question: what care are we driving in?


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