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as many of you know, but for those who don’t, last january a group of us from church decided to do a sort of mini-“biggest loser” challenge. there was about 6 of us who started out trying to lose as much weight as we could by easter. (oh and we each had $25 on the line for the winner.)

during the first 4 weeks i was very ‘gung-ho’ about it all. i excersiced every day, sometimes twice a day. i ate right; fruits, veggies, lots of water, low calories, etc. and i was doing really well too. my enthusiasm tapered a bit after the first month and then ramped back up toward the end.

all in all though i was proud of my results. i had reduced my weight by a small toddler and my clothes were enormous on me. click to read more [+/-]

it felt good to buy new clothes that were smaller! // BTW – i started at 226 lbs and ended at 199 lbs. (the most i remember my weight being is 240!)

at the time, the things i was doing i felt were making good lifestyle changes. i felt they were things i could continue even after the challenge was over. my body felt good and i remember feeling “bleggghhhhhh-ish” when i didn’t exercise or if i binged on some sweets. and in all honestly the choices i was making were things i could continue, but the pressure was off. i no longer had $25 at stake and i didn’t have another person to “compete” against.

recently though i’ve read this article which has gotten me interested in exercising again. plus the fact that i’ve noticed the pounds creeping back. i’m not back up to my “pre biggest loser” weight, but it’s back up to about 212. (uh oh) so i’ve decided to start exercising and eating right again.

so does anyone want to join me in this health journey for life?? i’ll use this blog as my accountability. every monday at the end of each post i’ll state 1) my current weight, 2) how many times i’ve exercised the previous week, 3) and a number between 0-7 describing how well i ate that week (i’ll give myself one point for each day i eat good.)

i hope to be getting a Nike + iPod system for the iPod nano which will give me information about miles ran and times, etc. so when i get that i’ll add another number between #2 and #3, or perhaps i’ll just replace #2 with ‘miles ran’.

:: 212 / 1 (today) / 1 (today)

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