getting back to “flock”

i’ve used flock (a new web browser based on firefox) off and on for a while now. and i think it’s finally growing on me.

there is something you should know about me . . . i like aesthetics.

aesthetic: (adj.) concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty // New Oxford American Dictionary

it’s one of the main reasons i “Switched” to a Mac and Apple products in general. not only does their hardware look good but so does the software. it works seemlessly and both the OS and software looks pleasing to the eyes.

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i like things that are aesthetcally pleasing to the point that i no longer use firefox on my mac, because it doesn’t look mac-ish enough. i used/use it exclusively when i’m on a Windows machine because it’s so much more “powerful and versitile” than internet explorer. on the macs i usually use “safari” or occasionally “camino” (which is a mac-esque version of firefox, but not as versatile).

so now we get to “flock” . . . some things i like include: 1) the integrated picture upload to your account at either flickr or photobucket. (i use photobucket.) 2) you can also post to your blog at many of the more popular sites. 3) it also includes an RSS reader. 4) and it allows you to change the defualt search engine when searching from the toolbar. 5) another neat feature is called “snippets” which lets you drag “things” you want to reference later in a blog post to special ‘holding’ place.

it does look better than firefox does on a mac, although safari still feels a bit “snappier” than flock. which may be because safari is the defualt browser for the  mac (made by apple) or that may be because i’ve used safari more and the cache is built up so pages i visit often are just updating new stuff. and it doesn’t look as macish as safari does. (when i say look macish it also includes how software interacts. it’s hard to explain if you don’t own a mac, but you can tell if an application is built for mac or simply ported over from a windows version)

all that said what i like the most is that i’m able to “blog” whether connected online or not.  which is good since my school internet blocks access to any blog sites.  this way i’m able to write my post, it saves it on my notebook, and then publish it when i get home.

well, i’ve said a mouthful.  check out flock if you wish, there is a windows version.  enjoy!

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