Movie Night Tonight!

just a quick reminder to everyone that tonight is our monthly “reallife.MOVIE Night”. although i won’t be there, i look forward to hearing about a fun time and good turn out for Vicki. i appreciate her filling in for me and investing into the youth.

it can be intimidating for a new leader to take “charge” of a group the first time they come to an activity so do me a favor and be on your best behavior. oh yeah . . . and SHOW UP! (there’s nothing more disheartening, than being the leader with no one to lead.) 🙁  oh and bring some snacks to share (movies are always better with snacks!).

it’s still a toss up as to what to show . . . i guess you’ll just be surprised! 😉

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  1. wow…i guess i’ma be going to this thing then.(i love surprises).
    on a completely different note, its a well known fact,(by “well known fact”, i mean i know it) that the snack doesn’t make the movie better, the movie makes the snack better! that is all i have to say about that.

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