i like bbq chips now

deb and i have recently been on a “movie” kick for a couple of reasons. 1) it’s really easy to just sit and veg after we’ve put the kids to bed. and 2) there’s nothing good on TV (have you heard that before?)

anyways we grabbed our munchies in the middle of the movie and happened to grab some bbq chips. i bought these because i know deb likes them but caught myself grabbing some and enjoying it. the thing is i used to hate bbq chips when growing up. i’m not sure why, it was just one of those things – that i didn’t like ’em. so it got me thinking . . . what other views have changed from my childhood.

i also like salad now. it’s no surprise that most kids don’t like salad, so maybe that one doesn’t count.

i used to think that all dogs were boys and cats were girls. now it’s obvious.

i used to like “Pops” cereal, now not so much (too much sugar). i like grape nuts flakes!

i used to think i’d never stop wetting my bed. (i’m happy to report, i stopped!) 🙂

i used to want to marry Teri Hatcher. (i remember her from “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” (1993) not from “Desperate Housewives.”) now as you know, i wouldn’t trade my wife for anything!

i used to want a 1987 chevy camaro z28, because it was the coolest car in the world. it was also special to me because it’s the only “hot wheels” type car i remember owning. now i’d like a mini cooper or nissan Z or chrysler crossfire standard – black.

a lot of things have changed as i’ve grown up but some things are still the same. but i’ll save those for another post . . .

which reminds me i should get back to you some time on all those things i’ve said so far were “for another post” . . .

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  1. Let me help . . .
    you’re still “nino, nino”
    like to do funky dances
    still usually have a definate
    like chocolate cake with milk
    treat people with respect
    just a few

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